Building ReFi on NEAR

Uniting Regens to build a more sustainable future 



We are a coalition of refi projects in the space



We put ReFi in practice all over the world



We support projects and build models towards scale and sustainability

What We Do

How we build ReFi in the space


Work with NGOs

We work with Non-Profits and NGOs to build impact centric initaitves.


Support Projects

We accelerate ReFi projects to start generative revenue to build impactful & sustainable systems.


Build Solutions

We are a community of developers that are building ReFi and Web3 primitives to unlock use cases.



We spread education on the latest ReFi practices.

Our Champions

NEAReFi is brought to you by many champions in the community.

"NEAR was the first certified carbon neutral blockchain and many of its builders are committed to using it to build a more sustainable planet."

imageCameron Dennis

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ReFi?Regenerative finance (ReFi) is a new financial paradigm that seeks to build a financial system that is in harmony with the natural world, rather than just exploiting and depleting it. Regenerative finance is based on the principles of regenerative economics, which is an economic system that seeks to create wealth and prosperity by working with natural systems, rather than against them.
What support channels exist for ReFI projects?We support small microgrants for community centric programs that show they can scale as a business. We also partner  with organizations
What are ways I can get started today?Join the telegram, partner if you are an organization, and start contributing today.
Why NEAR?NEAR is the first carbon neutral blockchain with a history of support sustainable projects. With account abstraction, named accounts, clean UX, and scalability, NEAR protocol is best fit to host our ReFI use cases.

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